Where is the Best Place to Live in Spain For English Speakers?

Moving to Spain is a decision that requires careful consideration, lots of planning and thorough research. If you are moving to Spain from the UK or any other English-speaking country, you may have wondered “Where is the best place to live in Spain for English speakers?” In this short guide, we’ll delve into some of the best places to live in Costa Blanca and explore specific areas in the south of the region renowned for their appeal among English speakers. First, let’s look at some things to consider when deciding where to live in Spain as an expat.

Things for English Speakers to Consider When Choosing Where to Live in Spain

Here are a few things to think about when moving to Spain as someone who isn’t fluent in Spanish:

Lifestyle preferences 

When considering the best places to live in Spain, you’ll need to think about your preferred lifestyle. Do you prefer the tranquillity of inland areas, the cultural atmosphere of historical cities or are you drawn to the lively atmosphere of coastal towns? As an English speaker, the language factor plays a crucial role in your decision. Coastal regions and expat communities often have a higher percentage of English speakers, making social interactions and the transition into daily life smoother. Historical cities like Valencia welcome diversity while offering a taste of authentic Spanish living. Having a good understanding of your lifestyle preferences will help you narrow down your options.

Proximity to Amenities and Services 

Consider the proximity of essential services such as healthcare, schools and shopping centres. Having good accessibility to English-speaking services can make settling into your new location easier, especially if you are still mastering the language.

Expat community atmosphere

Costa Blanca South has many expat communities, each with its own characteristics, so it’s worth exploring which one is best for you. Some are vibrant and social while others offer a more close-knit and tranquil environment. Choose a community that best aligns with your social preferences.

Employment and Education Opportunities

Explore areas of Costa Blanca with thriving job markets for English speakers. Coastal towns like Alicante and communities like Ciudad Quesada often have job opportunities in sectors where being fluent in English is an advantage.

best places to live in spain for english speakers

Where are the Best Places to Live in Spain for Expats?

For many years, Southern Costa Blanca has been known for its thriving expat communities, and several areas are particularly popular among English-speaking residents. When it comes to the question “Where are the most popular places to live in Spain for Brits and other English speakers?” We narrowed it down to some of our favourite locations. Here are a few destinations in the running for the title of “the best place to live in Costa Blanca South”.


This is probably one of the most well-known destinations for English speakers in Costa Blanca South. Some might say Torrevieja is the best place for Brits to live in Spain since so many people from the UK call it home. It has a large expatriate population where you’ll find many of the shops, bars, restaurants, schools and social clubs cater to non-Spanish speakers. The town has a range of expat-friendly services including medical facilities, legal support and real estate services that support English speakers. With a rich cultural scene and lots of recreational activities, Torrevieja is an exceptional destination for those looking to move to Spain to experience a blend of local charm and familiar comforts.

Orihuela Costa 

When considering where the best place to live in Spain for Brits and any other English-speaking expats is, Orihuela Costa is also high on the list. Situated along the scenic southern Costa Blanca, Orihuela Costa is a prime destination for English speakers looking for a coastal retreat. With a reputation for having a vibrant expatriate community, the area offers a welcoming atmosphere with a sense of community among residents. The region is home to stunning beaches including La Zenia and Playa Flamenca which inspire idyllic seaside living. The appeal of this coastal haven lies in its seamless blend of Spanish charm with the cosmopolitan desires of the English-speaking community making this area a top choice for those seeking the best of both worlds.

Ciudad Quesada

Located inland in South Costa Blanca, Ciudad Quesada is the ideal place for English speakers seeking tranquillity and easy access to amenities. With a growing foreign-resident community, this location offers a welcoming environment and a sense of belonging. For English-speaking families, Ciudad Quesada is also home to reputable international schools like the Willow International School Quesada, which can help to ensure a smooth transition for children (and parents). This destination has a well-developed infrastructure including healthcare facilities and essential services helping the area provide a balance between peaceful inland life and convenience for those looking for a welcoming community away from the coast.

San Miguel de Salinas

For non-Spanish speakers seeking a slower pace of life, the inland community of San Miguel de Salinas offers a tranquil haven. Surrounded by picturesque countryside, this peaceful retreat is conveniently located near coastal amenities making it a good choice for newcomers, especially those looking to experience a blend of Spanish culture and international convenience. Many English-speaking families and individuals moving to San Miguel de Salinas will enjoy becoming a part of the permanent year-round community. While the population may peak during summer, facilities and amenities remain open year-round making the area an appealing destination for a well-rounded life in Spain.

La Marina 

La Marina is a coastal urbanisation with a diverse community of non-Spanish residents. Known for its affordability and range of amenities, the area attracts both retirees and families looking for a comfortable place to live. La Marina offers a welcoming atmosphere where English speakers can easily integrate and make new connections thanks to the array of amenities that cater to international residents and tourists alike. While this residential development experiences a population boost during the summer months, it remains active year-round catering to the needs of international residents. For those looking for an affordable Spanish lifestyle in a community that shares a common language, La Marina is a prime choice.

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